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If you’re new to Houston Cloth Diapers, or if you have joined the HCD Facebook Group in the past year, you may not know that the group has been around for many years!

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After realizing that modern cloth diapering was becoming more and more popular, Houston Cloth Diapers founder, Lisa Johnston, began to learn how to sew cloth diapers for for her son, Braxton, who was born in 2004.  After Braxton’s birth, they immediately moved from the Houston area to Hewitt, Texas.  There weren’t any other families, in the area, that she met that cloth diapered, so she began sewing cloth diapers for other people that she would meet online on various cloth diaper groups.


July of 2005 when, her husband’s job transferred back to Katy, Lisa started a Yahoo Group called KatyCloth, because she wanted to make sure she met like-minded people before the move. The group was highly searchable, and by the time their family moved to their new home in August, there was already 15 members.  At one point, this group had over 60 members, and they had regular playgroups and talked about cloth diapers.  It was one of the first groups of it’s kind in the area.

In April of 2008, because there was a need for a cloth diapering group in the Greater Houston Area, the Yahoo Group Houston Cloth Diaper Education was born. (After this group was born, KatyCloth was changed to Katy Attachment Parenting)  Over the years, there were playdates, meetings, dinner, diaperswaps, diaper chats, sewing days, etc., that came out of this group.  Also during this time, the Houston Cloth Diapers wesbite was born, and it contained information leading people to the Yahoo Group, cloth diapering tips, local cloth diapering stores, and meetup information.

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Once Facebook started taking over, posts on the Yahoo group declined, and many people became friends outside of the group.

It was time to make a change.

In March of 2012, Houston Cloth Diapers made the move to Facebook, and Lisa partnered with Maria Hill of Cotton Cheeks Diapers and Lourdes Resendez of Embrace Life Doula Services to help with the growth of the group.  Since then, the group has been very active!  It’s been a catalyst for many friendships, playgroups, educational opportunities, events, and so much more.  The Facebook discussion group is a closed group, which means that the public can see who is in the group, but they’re unable to see the posts in the group unless they are approved as a member.

The administrators of Houston Cloth Diapers realized that Houston is a large place, so in April of 2013, it was decided that there would be an expansion of the group.  Rather than make a new Facebook group for every corner of the city, Houston Cloth Diapers website has been rebranded, a Public Facebook Page has been added, and members have been asked to help in setting up monthly meetups in all areas of the city.


  • July 14, 2005 – KatyCloth Yahoo Group Created
  • April 6, 2008 – Houston Cloth Diapers Yahoo Group Created
  • April 7, 2008 – HoustonClothDiapers.com Launched
  • March 13, 2012 – Houston Cloth Diapers moved to Facebook
  • April 8, 2013 – HoustonClothDiapers.com Rebranded & New Facebook Page Launched

If you’re in the Houston Area, and you cloth diaper your little ones, please feel free to join our Facebook Discussion Group!  This group is only for those who live in the Greater Houston Area.  We use this group for discussions that members may not be comfortable posting on a public group.  We also have a weekly buy/sell/trade post on this group!

The HoustonClothDiapers.com Facebook Page is open to the public, and this page will be used to posting public articles, photos, local events, and information as well as sharing more information about local cloth diaper businesses.

Houston Cloth Diapers looks forward to many more years of growing and changes!