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You’re invited to the first annual Houston Cloth Diapers Holiday Ladies Mingle at The Birthing Place.

 photo sitemingle_zps91aa16bc.jpg

The Birthing Place | 2218 Barbee Street, Houston, Texas 77004


Join us as we get together for our last social of 2013! This is a ladies only get-together (nurslings welcome), so think of it as a nice ladies morning out! Invite your sister, friend, neighbor, doula, or any other lady that you’d like to introduce to our wonderful group of friends!  We appreciate Midwife Afua Hassan allowing us to use her beautiful facility for this fun event.

Gift Exchange

We will have an optional gift exchange for those of you who would like to bring something to throw into the pot! Gifts can be store bought, handmade, or they can even be a re-gift! We’ll put them all on the table, and we’ll draw numbers or some other fun game for the gift exchange!


We will provide hot tea, and you’re more than welcome to bring a snack to share with everyone (kind of like a pot luck). (If you have specific food requirements, please make sure you bring your own refreshments!)


If you’d like to bring some of your diapers for B/S/T, please feel free to do so!

We’re excited to see you there!