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We’re so very excited to announce that one or our wonderful members has secured an awesome central location for the Houston Natural Parenting Expo featuring The Great Cloth Diaper Change!  Megan, we’re so thankful for you!

GCDC Houston Location


We have some bittersweet news about our location. First of all, we want you all to know that this was completely out of our control and the decision was not made lightly. This has been a very complicated event to plan due to the changing dynamics!

Simply put, we have outgrown the space at the museum.

We realize that everyone, including us, had their hearts set on the location as well as the perks, but the reality is, once we had a location set, our numbers doubled overnight and almost tripled within two weeks. The museum would not have allowed for the comfortable, roomy environment we have in mind for this event.

We’ve decided that the move to the United Way Center on Waugh Drive was the right move for our event, because it’s still a central location with ample free and secure parking, and the actual event space is quadruple the size that we would have been allotted at the museum. This means that we will be able to comfortably accommodate all of the participants and attendees as well as make the Expo bigger!

Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to seeing ALL OF YOU at the Expo and Diaper Change!

United Way of Greater Houston | 50 Waugh Drive, Houston, Texas 77007