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Welcome to Day 9 of our Dreaming of a Cloth Christmas and 30 Days of Giveaways!

Fountain of Youth Health Center Acupuncture GivewayOur next featured Houston area business is  Fountain of Youth Health Center!

Fountain of Youth Health Center offers a variety of services and classes to help you live a more healthy, natural life.

Our main goal is to provide natural and cost effective treatment that helps you look and feel younger. By balancing your Qi (pronounced “Chee”) or Life Energy, we can optimize your health.

Services offered by Fountain of Youth Health Center

Acupuncture is a natural system of healing utilizing your body’s natural ability. By strategically placing needles in different parts of the body, new balance and harmony can be achieved to heal most ailments.
Herbal Pharmacy
Herbal formulas help improve our overall health through balancing the body by purging impurities or absorbing essential amino acids that our body lacks.Tai Chi Classes
Tai Chi originated in ancient China for self-defense, but now has evolved into a set of low-impact graceful movements that help reduce stress and help with a variety of other health conditions.

Meditation Classes
Meditation is a very useful tool to reduce stress and pain.

Fountain Of Youth Health Center Website | FOYHC Facebook

Up for Giveaway today is 1 Acupuncture Session.

Fountain of Youth Health Center is excited to be offering one acupuncture session (valued at $80) to bring your body to balance.

Disclosure:  This giveaway is sponsored by Fountain of Youth Health Center.