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One of the most common statement that I hear about cloth diapering from those who haven’t looked any further than the retail value of new diapers is “I can’t afford that!”

At the Houston Natural Parenting Expo, the Houston Cloth Diapers table had a single basket of diapers with a sign that asked attendees to guess how much money Lisa, our resident frugal cloth diaper expert, spent on the entire bin of diapers.  The closest person to the actual cost (over or under) will win a custom cloth diaper cover from Calypso Cloth!

Some of the guesses were crazy high, and some were cheap, but not cheap enough!  Several people guessed $15, even Lisa’s daughter! But, our favorite was Michelle G.’s guess of $1.50, even though it wasn’t very close!

Fressia A. – $375.00

Stefanie M. – $180.00

Andrea S. – $0 (although I think this is what HER stash cost her!!)

Italia C. – $523.00

Chi T. – $400.00

Summer P. – $10.00

Here is what was in the bin:

Houston Cloth Diapers

  • CuteyBaby Pocket with insert – $7 (clearance at HEB)
  • CuteyBaby Pocket no insert – $5 (clearance at HEB)
  • Econobums Cover – $5 (Local FSOT)
  • 2 Flats – $.50 (Goodwill)
  • Receiving blanket – $.25 (Goodwill)
  • BumGenius AIO (Old style) – Free (Hand-me-down Gift)
  • 4 Rearz Fitteds -  Free (Zulily Credit)
  • 2 Large Prefolds – $1.00 (Buy/Sell/Trade Day)
  • 3 Flour Sack Towels  – $1.00 (Technically free with Amazon Credit)
  • Fleece Longies – $2.99 (Children’s Place Fleece Pants on Clearance in May)
  • Receiving blanket – Free (Gift)
  • Crochet Wool Longies – Free (Hand-me-down Gift)
  • Wahmies Pocket – Blog Post (No money exchanged, just my time for review)
  • Crocket Pocket & Insert – $5 (Buy/Sell/Trade Day)
  • BumGenius AIO (old Style) Snap Conversion – $3 (In a lot on Spots Corner)
  • jjbb embellished bamboo prefold – Free (Gift)
  • Grandma made Wool Knit Soaker – Free (Gift)
  • Flip Cover – $5 (Buy/Sell/Trade Day)
  • Bumkins Cover – Free (Great Cloth Diaper Change)
  • BumGenius Elementals – Free (Hand-me-down Gift)
  • Owls GroVia AIO – Blog Post (No money exchanged, just my time for review)
  • Wipes Wetbag – Free (Hand-me-down Gift)
  • 8 wipes – Total of $2.00

Not everyone is able to start a blog and get great review items, but you can either giveaways!  It just takes a little time and effort on your part, but you’re not out any actual money! Here are a few tips!

  • Visit Goodwill or your local thrift store.  You can often find receiving blankets (that will double as flats) for a quarter each!  You can get a dozen diapers for $3 plus tax!
  • Check out your local For Sale or Trade (FSOT) groups!  Houston Cloth Diapers has a trade thread on our Facebook Group.
  • Find online used cloth diaper shops such as Spots Corner.
  • Ask your friends or family who cloth diaper if they have any they’re no longer using.
  • Put cloth diapers on your baby registry.
  • Be creative.  Lots of things can be used as cloth diapers!

Lisa has written several blog posts on how to cloth diaper on a tight, tight budget.  Here are a couple!

How to Build a Cloth Diaper Stash for $45 – Cloth Diapering on the Cheap

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

Without delaying any further, the winner of the Calypso Cloth Custom Cloth Diaper Cover, winning by a margin of $0.48 is….

Roxanna Flood with a guess of $40.00!

Added together, the total amount of actual money exchanged for the diapers in this bin came to $37.74

We ended up having 49 entries in this contest, and it was so much fun, that we may do this at every event we’re a part of!!  Thank you all for participating!